Grocery Pickup

Save time with curbside pickup, also known as click and pick.

You have come to the best place online to find the Supermarkets that
allow you to order groceries online and either have grocery delivery or curbside grocery pickup.

Currently, Walmart, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Meijer and a some other stores offer curbside pickup.

An associate  loads your vehicle with all your groceries while you wait. Others such as Whole Foods and Amazon offer home delivery. Both options have a fee but will often offer FREE pickup or delivery for trying out their service.

CLICK HERE to see if Walmart allows pickup in your area.
CLICK HERE to go to the Kroger Online Ordering Pickup Service (Called Click List)
CLICK HERE to order online from Harris Teeter
CLICK HERE to find the closest Meijer with curbside pickup
CLICK HERE to find the closest H-E-B with curbside pickup


When deciding which service to take advantage of you will want to consider several factors such as fees, gas consumption, and value of your time. Another thing to think about is that someone else will be picking out the onion that you get and they may not care about blemishes or food expiration dates. Some people like to get the yogurt with the furthest sell by or use by date from the date of purchase.


If you want to order groceries online, curbside pickup may be for you. We have gathered a list of stores offering drive-up service where you stay in your vehicle and they load your groceries for you. This is optimal for parents with small children that need assistance getting in and out of a vehicle or for busy professionals on a tight schedule.

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